Letter to Shareholders

Letter to Shareholders

21 October 2016
Market Announcements Office
ASX Limited
20 Bridge Street

Dear Sir/Madam

Letter to Shareholders regarding Delisting from ASX and Admission to AIM

Following shareholder approval at its Extraordinary General Meeting on 29 September 2016, ThinkSmart
Limited (ThinkSmart) has today applied to ASX for formal consent to its removal from the official list.

ThinkSmart has already received in-principle advice from ASX that ASX would be likely to remove
ThinkSmart from the official list subject to compliance with certain conditions.

One of those conditions is that ThinkSmart sends a communication to all shareholders providing certain
information regarding the timetable for delisting and what shareholders will need to do if they wish to
trade on the Alternative Investment Market of the London Stock Exchange (AIM) following delisting from
ASX. A copy of the letter being dispatched to shareholders today setting out this information is attached.

ASX also indicated that its consent would be subject to a condition, which is reflected in the attached
letter, that ThinkSmart’s removal from the official list of ASX shall not take place any earlier than the later
of (1) one month after the date of the attached letter and (2) the date ThinkSmart’s shares are admitted to
trading on AIM.

Yours faithfully

Neil Hackett
Company Secretary
ThinkSmart Limited

Download the full announcement here.

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