Cash Consideration per Share

Cash Consideration per Share

ThinkSmart (“ThinkSmart” or the “Company”) (formerly AIM: TSL) announces that the net sale proceeds, from the sale of the Block Sale Shares on the NYSE on 5 December 2022, has today been converted to Pounds Sterling (at 1.226 USD: 1 GBP) and Australian Dollars (at 0.6789 USD: 1 AUD), as applicable, resulting in a Cash Consideration of AUD $0.5393 per share for shareholders on the Australian share register and GBP £0.2986 per share for depositary interest holders on the UK DI register.

Cash Consideration

The Cash Consideration will be paid to shareholders on the terms set out in the Scheme Booklet dated 24 October 2022. ThinkSmart may provide updates, as appropriate, on its website at  relating to the payment of the Cash Consideration.


The indicative timetable for the key outstanding milestones under the Scheme remains as set out on pages 14 to 16 of the Scheme Booklet and is also set out below.

Event Date
Payment of Scheme Consideration As soon as practicable following the sale of the Block Sale Shares, expected to be approximately 8 Business Days after completion of the sale of the Block Sale Shares

Capitalised terms used in this announcement shall, unless otherwise defined, have the same meanings as set out in the Scheme Booklet.

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