If you are a ThinkSmart Shareholder with shares on the unlisted Australian register and would like to trade your shares, simply follow the guide below:



Appoint a Broker

You can choose to use any Broker so long as they have an affiliate Broker based in the UK, as this will be necessary to complete your transaction. Alternatively, you could choose to appoint Argonaut:


Argonaut (Perth)
Level 30, Allendale Square
77 St Georges Terrace Perth,
WA, 6000


Harrison Massey
[email protected]
Ph: +61 8 9224 6888 (outside Australia)



Complete a DI Issuance Form

You will also need to complete a DI Issuance form (Depository Interest Issuance form).

This form must be completed in full and your Broker will be able to provide with all the information you need, including the details to complete the CREST Participant Section. You can download a copy of the DI form here

Instructions on how to complete the DI form can be found here



Submit the DI Issuance Form and Your Original Share Certificate

Next you need to send the completed and signed DI Issuance form together with your Original Share Certificate to Computershare, at the address below:


Computershare Limited
Global Transactions Team,
PO Box 103 Abbotsford,
Victoria 3067 Australia


If you cannot find your Original Share Certificate you can order a replacement from Computershare by downloading and completing the relevant form here



Instruct Your Broker

Finally, all you need to do is instruct your Broker to make the trade.




What is a Depositary Interest?

To facilitate trading of ThinkSmart’s ordinary shares on AIM, ThinkSmart has established a Depositary Interest (DIs) facility under which it has appointed Computershare Investor Services Plc as the depositary.


Securities of Australian issuers such as ThinkSmart cannot be directly registered, transferred or settled through CREST (which is the electronic settlement system in the UK).


The DI facility overcomes this by creating entitlements to ThinkSmart’s ordinary shares (the DIs), which are deemed to be UK securities and therefore admissible to CREST. The underlying shares are listed and traded on AIM, while the DIs are transferred in CREST to settle those trades.


If you choose to move your securities to the UK to trade and become the holder of DIs, your ordinary shares are no longer held in your name on ThinkSmart’s Australian share register. Instead they are held by an Australian custodian, Computershare Investor Services Pty Limited. As a DI holder, you become the beneficial holder of those ThinkSmart ordinary Shares, with the DIs held on the Company’s UK DI Register on your behalf by your broker.


If you have any questions about the Depositary Interest conversion process, please contact Computershare’s Global Transactions team on:
1300 850 505
+61 3 9415 4000 (outside Australia)
Email: [email protected]


What happens if I don’t convert my Shares to Depositary Interests?

You will not be able to sell your ThinkSmart ordinary shares on the AIM segment of the London Stock Exchange.


The only way you will be able to sell your ordinary shares, unless you convert them to DIs, will be if you individually arrange for someone to purchase them ’off-market’. If you choose to take no action your share certificate remains your proof of ownership.


I’ve submitted my paperwork, how do I know my Depositary Interests have been created?

It is expected that the conversion process of converting ThinkSmart ordinary shares into DIs, once a valid and complete instruction is provided, will take approximately 24 hours.


After this time, ThinkSmart’s shareholders will be able to trade their ThinkSmart ordinary shares on AIM, subject to having a broker who can facilitate this trade. Your broker will provide you with confirmation that you are now the holder of an equivalent amount of DIs.


How Depositary Interest holders are kept informed as to what’s happening with ThinkSmart

Computershare Investor Services Plc as the Depositary in the UK will rely on ThinkSmart to supply information to it relating to matters that have a bearing on the rights of DIs.


These Company matters include cash distributions, corporation actions and company meetings. The Depositary is then responsible to make this information available to DI holders, being the broker who holds the DIs on your behalf in CREST.


You will need to discuss with your broker how they will in turn keep you updated. As part of its listing on the AIM segment of the London Stock Exchange and its obligations under the Corporations Act, ThinkSmart will publish all announcements and shareholder notices on its website. Monitoring this website will also keep you up to date with the Company’s developments.